Birthday Balloons

To all celebrating this month of July!

Kenneth High                                                  July 5

Jamarr Hodges                                              July 8

Christine Perry                                               July 10

Larry Davis                                                     July 11

Teiuna Dixon                                                  July 14

Michael Harris                                                July 14

Desmon Jackson                                           July 14

Fred Lassister                                                July 15

Barbara Phillips                                             July 16

Makia Davis                                                   July 23

Edith Lucas                                                    July 30

 Happy Birthday

Wishing you a birthday filled with simple delights
A day filled with sunshine, making it wonderfully bright
Laughter in the air, making music in your ears
Heartfelt warm wishes, bringing you happy tears
Memories like a rainbow, beautiful as they are bright
May these memories stay with you, well into your night!

May the Lord continue to bless you!

~Written by SDS~