How To Join

5 Steps

 We would love for you to take the next step by joining Lifeline Christian Center.  There are five simple requirements to become a member:

  1. Request church membership
  2. Trust Christ by faith for salvation and confess Him as your Lord and Savior
  3. Be baptized or subsequently have been baptized by immersion
  4. Attend and view the New Member's Orientation presentation and
  5. Agree in writing to support the Confession of Faith Constitution and Bylaws

Lifeline Christian Center welcomes all persons who make an application to join the body.  No person shall be denied membership because of race, ethnic origin, worldly condition, or any other reason not related to the profession of faith.  Each member should seek the grace of openness in extending the fellowship of Christ to all.  New members will, through a moderator, make an application to join the church and the Holy Spirit approves as the congregation agrees. Membership reaches out to those who acknowledge Christ and are not necessarily strong in the faith.

If you would like to request church membership, or have questions, please let us know!