Pastor's Notes

Pursuing Excellence

Time waits for no one.  While it can be one of our greatest assets and resources, it can also act against us reducing our performance to mediocrity and treating God like He is ordinary. Any old thing will do.  Procrastination can be an enemy.  When we wait until the due date is upon us to get started we can hardly say that we are giving God our best.  I would like to encourage all of us to prepare adequately when we have to present on behalf of God. God requires excellence.

Commitment is not easy.  For those of us who think that everything will be provided for us to be faithful to God is greatly mistaken.  Please do not put off important things because you do not have resources.  Our God is a resourceful God.  Would you not eat because you do not have food? I don't think so.  So, do we not give or not attend God's services because we do not have resources?  God giveth to everyone that asks.  When the things of God are important to us we will not put them off because of the lack of resources.  We will find a way.  Inventions are born out of necessities. Let's stop treating God like He's ordinary!