Meet Our Pastor

Senior Pastor

Pastor Henry D. Hedgepeth is the second child of the late Bishop Alskor and Ella Ruth Hedgepeth, born March 14, 1955, in Spring Hope, NC. He is a graduate of University of NC in Charlotte (BA in Sociology) and of NC Central University in Durham (MA in Education Administration). Growing up as a frustrated youth in an extremely small town in the south, his desire was to move as far away as possible, never to return. Little did he know through his silent rebellion of the church, God was setting him up to be his father's successor in ministry.

Pastor Henry, (as he is affectionately called) went off to college in 1973 to pursue a career, and the Lord saved him during his sophomore year. He answered the call to ministry soon after his undergraduate studies and served as assistant pastor of the Morning Star Holy Church of the Trinity, under the leadership of his father. His career began as a counselor in the public school system and later as a principal for twenty-one years. The Lord was bearing on him to resign from his career and move into full-time ministry. Hating to leave a dream he had worked so hard to obtain, he wrestled with this voice until he became extremely ill in 1992 and the doctors gave him a short time to live. Being taught not to trust in physicians, his condition digressed. It was a turning to the wall experience that saved his life. In the process of preparing his will and obituary, the Lord sent his sister, Phyllis, with a prophetic word, "you cannot die, because you are the chosen lifeline of this church."

His father went to be with the Lord in 1996, while teaching in the Sunday morning service. Barely weighing a hundred pounds, and being out of church for more than three months, Pastor Henry got up from his sick-bed, preached his father's funeral and was immediately restored to perfect health. This amazing recovery placed him into the mainstream of warfare, taking the responsibility of two struggling churches, with an unclear commandment from God, "set my people free."

Pastor Hedgepeth, a voracious reader, began writing short stories and poetry at an early age and under his belt are several publications including an entire collection of poems entitled, Spinning Gold. His many writings and essays have been the uplifting tool needed to help coach the faint and weary to continue to serve God with the needed perseverance and vigor to finish this journey of life. His own life, a living testimony that God is real, has been tried and tested through many toils and snares of the enemy. Adversity and rejection have set in his way to destroy him, but his determination to live and declare the work of the Lord is laudable and phenomenal, to say the least. His zeal is matchless.

Pastor Hedgepeth, has a magnificent speaking ability, which enables him to effectively express to his listeners the awesome motivation needed to seek and do the Will of God in their lives. His eloquence and ease is a winning attribute that allures souls to Christ. Another asset in his favor is his open door policy style of leadership, which keeps his members and others seeking his counsel twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, with him not turning anyone away. He is revered and esteemed by his peers and congregation, alike. He is a jewel to know and have as your friend, helping you make it to God's Kingdom.

Pastor Henry works to unite believers. He preaches and teaches God's word in a practical manner to the saving and keeping of the soul. He believes for too long the people of God have struggled greatly against traditionalism and legalism without true manifestation of God's Word. Though we have made progress as local institutions and have built and retained great monuments of religious worship, complete with titles and attitudes, we have often failed to enjoy the life-changing beauty of the freedom found in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is my hope this ministry will repair the breach that has been set forth by antiquated norms and ideas, resistance to change, and man-made protocol and agendas.