Sick & Shut-In: Week of July 3, 2016

Sick & Shut-in

Take a moment to remember our Sick & Shut-In members by keeping them in your prayers. We ask that our able members check on our elderly and sick & shut in members. As a courtesy, please call before visiting.

  • Sister Mary Artis
  • Sister Renee Perry
  • Sister Janesha Dunston
  • Sister Elaine Hawkins
  • Sister Pearlie Mae Arrington
  • Sister Ruth Hodges
  • Sister Sharon Strickland
  • Brother Clarence Eley
  • Sister Virginia Dees
  • Missionary Shirley Jones
  • Brother John Jones
  • Brother Fred Lassiter
  • Brother Dan Tyler
  • Brother Marvin Goldston
  • Sister Beverly Baker
  • Brother Michael Smith
  • Minister Sylvester Crawford
  • Brother Demetrius Whitehead
  • Brother Aaron Harris