Sister's Priority Association (SPA)

My Sister's Keeper


Serving women in the context of the local church is not simply filling a position, but a serious divine calling as it empowers soldiers to go forth to battle the grips of traditional societal views that keep them from perfecting the will of God. In order to assure that women have a safe place to grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, SPA brings their gifts, opinions, and leadership styles together for unity of strength.

SPA is a women's fellowship organization that meets periodically for spiritual devotionals and fellowship. It is designed to promote healing through fellowship with hopes of restoring and empowering women who are emotionally depleted and broken-spirited.

SPA Mission

To develop a strong bond as sisters, called by God, to facilitate honest dialogue as it relates to our spiritual and personal lives. To provide support and healing that enables sisters to gain spiritual and intellectual balance. To also build relationships so the power of unity will prevail through the veil of brokenness and unforgivingness.

Meetings are held every 4th Wednesday night at 7:30pm

Please contact Phyllis H. Jones (SPA Founder and President) for more information about this ministry.