Christian Youth Programs

In addition to the services offered to our youth by the overall church program, we seek to build a platform of understanding, modeling and  mentoring for the youth at Lifeline Christian Center.  Understanding there are many problems that persist in the lives of the youth of today that seek to hinder them from a peaceful relationship with Jesus Christ, we deem it our duty and responsibility to offer assistance untiringly and liberally to promote character and godliness among the members of the future church.

We are not opposed to allowing our youth to be creative in their expressions to God, but to keep their motives pure and in sync with the Word of our LORD.  We embrace dancing, sports, and extracurricular activities as tools for which God can use to bring glory to Himself.  We work to keep them grounded in faith, worship and praise to the Almighty God.

These programs include:

  • Council for Youth Affairs
  • Children of Promised Seeds (COPS)
  • God's Girls
  • Young Men in Training (YMIT)